Elsevier’s “RE Cares Month”

We’ve been delighted to discover that our Gold sponsors, Elsevier, have been following our progress.  As part of our journey, we’ve been taking part in the FreshWaterWatch citizen science project, gathering data to investigate the health of global freshwater ecosystems. It’s an exciting time for scientific data, as companies like Elsevier create platforms that make information easy to share, easy to examine and easy to discover. What once may have been static in a pdf somewhere, is now much more easily discoverable. It’s an interesting and inspiring concept when you’re gathering water samples, to know that there are more ways for that information to be used than ever before.

We’re aiming to complete our challenge in September; this happens to coincide with Elsevier’s “RE Cares month”, which celebrates employee commitment to supporting both local and global communities. It’s great to see that other organizations – including animal shelters, global children’s charities and riverside clean-up projects – are also benefitting from Elsevier’s contributions, whether in fundraising or through staff time. We hope their month of raising money for good causes will conclude as successfully as we hope ours will.

Anna Blackwell4 Comments