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The Main and Main-Donau Canal

Since our last expedition update over two weeks ago, Kate and I have thrown ourselves into a big push in order to complete the Main and Main-Donau Canal, an accumulative distance of over 465km across Germany. Life on the Main was, simply put, a good life. Though paddling upstream, the flow was gentle enough to not hinder our progress too much meaning we were able to cover a good distance most days.

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The Rhine

After an enjoyable two days off in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, it was time for Kate and I to leave behind the safety and comfort of the French canals in order to join the Rhine. Knowing that this was Europe’s busiest river (in terms of boat traffic) with a much stronger current than anything we had faced before, Kate and I were feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension. 

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A final farewell to France

After the amount of hospitality and generosity we were shown last week, we really didn’t think things could get better. Yet during this past week - our final days paddling through France - we have received an almost overwhelming amount of kindness on a daily basis.

We left Nancy after a few days of rest and an impromptu interview and photo shoot with a French newspaper...

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The week that almost went to plan

This past week of paddling got off to an exceptionally good start. We were treated to four days of beautiful weather and every aspect of each day went smoothly. We’re making our way through idyllic, gently rolling countryside and farmland, the river winding its way between fields of crops and cows. We even cracked the locks conundrum at the start of the week meaning it now takes a total of ten minutes to get through a lock!

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