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The Danube Part 2: Five countries and four capitals

Our last few weeks have been somewhat of a whirlwind as we’ve passed through five countries and four capital cities in twelve days of non-stop paddling on the Danube. The day after leaving Vienna we reached Slovakia, the ruins of Devin Castle indicating our arrival at the border. Soon after, as we rounded a corner in the river, we saw a city emerging from the river with an impressive white castle perched on the hilltop. It took us a moment to register that this was Bratislava, our third capital city. 

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The Main and Main-Donau Canal

Since our last expedition update over two weeks ago, Kate and I have thrown ourselves into a big push in order to complete the Main and Main-Donau Canal, an accumulative distance of over 465km across Germany. Life on the Main was, simply put, a good life. Though paddling upstream, the flow was gentle enough to not hinder our progress too much meaning we were able to cover a good distance most days.

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The Rhine

After an enjoyable two days off in the beautiful city of Strasbourg, it was time for Kate and I to leave behind the safety and comfort of the French canals in order to join the Rhine. Knowing that this was Europe’s busiest river (in terms of boat traffic) with a much stronger current than anything we had faced before, Kate and I were feeling a mixture of excitement and apprehension. 

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A final farewell to France

After the amount of hospitality and generosity we were shown last week, we really didn’t think things could get better. Yet during this past week - our final days paddling through France - we have received an almost overwhelming amount of kindness on a daily basis.

We left Nancy after a few days of rest and an impromptu interview and photo shoot with a French newspaper...

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The power of people

It is a recurring theme on this adventure that the most memorable and positive moments we experience are due to the people we encounter along our way. This week has proven no different; while the paddling has been uneventful and straightforward, the people we’ve crossed paths with have made the week an utter pleasure.

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